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Following the lead I received, I have traveled halfway across the world from Finland to Melbourne, Australia.

Though the travel is expensive, I do not mind because I know I am closer to The Cross than I have ever been and all of Odin's true believers will rejoice in its recovery.

Also, on a personal note, I am pleased to be near the southern pole of the great spiritual axis through the globe that is our earth. The northern pole is a triangular area one corner of which is Stonehenge England, UK and the southern pole is, I have read, a triangle in the Daylesford /Hepburn Springs area outside Melbourne.

I have the contact details of some of the many witches and warlocks who have moved to the area to be near the source of power and I may need their help.

I am travelling in a taxi from the airport through Melbourne. A city notable for its phallic imagery. Much of it apparently recent. A great row of yellow phalluses thrusting up at the entry to the city, a bridge with two great thrusting phalluses supporting its structure and then a long building with a curved roof with a great phallus pointing out of it. In reply to my question Sergei, my taxi driver, an immigrant from Belarusse (spell?), said it was a place called 'Jeff's Shed'. Very strange. Who does the planning around here?

But a city full of such obvious pre-christian imagery must be a city willing to help me find The Cross.

We, that is Sergei and me, go straight to the Russian Orthodox Church - my lead. I have no time for wallowing in hotel accommodation when the Cross is to be found.

We spot the church building and what must be the priest's sacristy beside it. As we stop across the road I see a woman wearing a laboratory coat and tall red stilettos click her way up the path to the sacristy and knock on the door. I have Sergei move the taxi down the road a little and when I get out she is not in view.

Why is a scientist visiting a Russian priest in the middle of the afternoon?

Suspicious, I don't knock on the door. Rather I go around the side of the building. Through the second window I try I can see a priest and the scientist in what Finnish popular literature describes as 'The passionate embrace'.

Not being a peeping Scot I go back to my taxi and wait, wondering about scientists and priests. After the scientist leaves, I go to the door of the priest's sacristy to question him.

He answers the door belting his black robes.

“Very sorry to be yet another visitor, but I was going to ask you some questions,” I say.

“What visitor?” He asks.

“I meant I am sorry to disturb you just after you have had a visitor.”

“I have had no visitor,” he says.


“It has been said to me that you may have recently seen a stone cross. One I know of as the Cross of Odin.”

“I know of no such thing,” he says closing the door.

I'm sure he muttered “Idolater” as he did so.

I know he is a liar. Is he hiding The Cross too?

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