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I am Olaf.

I would like to be tall dark and handsome, but I am in reality short and bearded.

I was born in 1963, the only son of my mother, a Finnish fisherwidow.

My father was a passing radio player who floundered in the transition to television. He saw out his days dragging a hand puppet act through the streets - what we'd now call a busker.

I was therefore the man of the house from an early age and this no doubt was the reason why I was drawn into the worship of Odin, the boss god - the god of wisdom and the god of war.

I met Melandash, a witch, five years ago and our beliefs have lead to such a strong bond between us that we've been lovers since we became High Priest and High Priestess of the Finnish chapter of the Norse Gods and Esoteric Spirits Coven and Worship Centre some three years ago.

The Cross, the Cross of Odin, the source of our ancestors' spiritual power, was stolen from its rightful place one thousand years ago by the Russian enemy. It has been held in one of their churches since, with the exception of a ten year period when it disappeared during their revolution - the replacement of one evil totalitarian state with another evil totalitarian state.

The Norse Gods and Esoteric Spirits Coven and Worship Fellowship has actively sought The Cross for more than one hundred and sixty years and now we have word that The Cross has been seen in the Russian Orthodox Church in Melbourne Australia.

I've left Melandash behind in Finland as I search for The Cross and I miss her.

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