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It was after morning service and I was dis-robing when I refound note; it was in Russian tongue -

- it brought to me such school day memories - Ah Pushkin! He truly has the soul of a great Russian poet - ``Wintry Road''.

The moon breaks
Through the billowing fog,
Pouring its sad light
On the sad fields.

Ah! So many memories.

Why is beautiful Russian poem with pagan woman? - Sad light - winter - a swift troika - melancholy.

Wintry road - the road to winter - winter solstice - Oh!

These pagans blaspheme the birth of the Lord. They wish to defile the Sacred Cross of Odin with a blasphemous fertility rite.

I must stop them and return sacred cross to rightful owner at Altar of Martyrs at Cathedral of Saint Stanislav.

There was a knock at sacristy door.

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HomeBorisNatashaOlafPatriciaDecide where the cross is

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