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i see shadow beings, shadows with lights shining from their foreheads, beams flit everywhere in the dark, showing rocks and great trees

a frantic beam like a floodlight cuts the air, i step behind a tree

there is scurrying and rustling, i turn to see shadows with their lights off, lunging to avoid it at all costs

is this a game? a hunt? some shadows play with the beam, then dodge, leaving it lost

there's a cluster of shadows, one shining its light on itself, others in pairs throw lights on each other

after a time, most of the beams fade or wander

a glow warms me and i bask in it

then i start and find my own beam shining, two jagged lumps hurtle away from me towards the shadow standing in my light, they hit and the shadow is hurt

© 1993, 1999.
Mick Kannegiesser
+61 0438 27 11 25